Welcome To The 24-Hour Salesman™!

By Duston McGroarty, Founder

If you’re running a local business and you would like to have a consistent, reliable flow of highly-qualified leads, on complete autopilot… then you’re in the right spot!

Before we dive into that, let me explain why I call this my “Million Dollar” Lead Generation System.

In 2010 I began helping local business owners get more leads using a few different digital marketing strategies.

I was working with a contractor who offered a number of different home improvement services in his local area.

That’s when I discovered something that would change my lead generation methods forever. What I discovered was…

People Just Want To Know The Cost

Now, being a long-time student of marketing and psychology, I already knew the cost of the project is a very important factor in any major buying decision.

But I never thought about it in terms of the typical “sales process”, and the number of hoops a homeowner has to jump through, just to get a quote.

Here’s how it normally goes…

  1. The homeowner requests a free consultation.
  2. The contractor calls the homeowner and sets an appointment.
  3. The contractor goes to their house and gathers all the necessary information needed for the quote.
  4. The contractor finally gives the quote to the homeowner.

Now, in some cases, the contractor might follow up with the homeowner in a few days. But most contractors don’t.

They usually assume their price was too high and the homeowner chose a different contractor.

When in reality, they really just wanted to know how much it would cost. When I realized this, I knew I had to do something about it. That’s how the 24-Hour Salesman™ was born.